Loren X Chris Lr Presets

USD $75.00

We’ve crafted these presets to provide subtle greens, rich skin tones, and above all a consistent variety of looks to help improve your work as a whole. Rather than overpowering your photos with saturation and contrast, these presets give your photos room to breathe.

LXC 1: Soft tones and pale greens for an overall romantic look. A slight bump in pinks gives your images that whimsical feel. This preset works perfectly for most natural locations (forest, beach, desert, etc.). Though it’s not recommended for city/urban photography, it can still provide good results.

LXC 2:  Rich browns and skin tones contrasting with subtle greens. A push of warmth in the shadows provides for a warm, woodsy look. This preset is highly recommended for forest portraiture, but it also works really well for most other applications.

LXC 3: Cool tones while maintaining rich warmer colors. An overall desaturated look with a pop in skin tones. This preset works beautifully in a variety of situations. Best to experiment and find how it works for you!

LXC 4: Warm and fuzzy. Rich tones throughout the spectrum with a heavy push of warmth in the shadows. This preset works beautifully in a variety of situations. Explore and experiment to make it your own.

LXC 5: Classic greyscale B&W with a push in detail and contrast. The push in detail makes for dramatic effect, especially in portraiture, but also works really well for most other applications.

LXC 6: Classic B&W with a heavy push in contrast. Bright skin tones allow you to easily bring focus to your subject. This preset works well for almost any application.


For Adobe Lightroom 6 (CC), 5 & 4. and ACR Presets for Photoshop CC & CS6.  Based on the Adobe Standard Calibration profile and designed to work with RAW files.  Set contains Six Presets in total. (Four Color & Two B&W).  Please click here to visit their product page: Loren X Chris.


  1. Lauren Miller (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a set of presets that include neutral tones without turning the skin orange for AGES and these TOTALLY ROCK! I am currently re-editing my entire portfolio and the response from my clients has been overwhelmingly positive!

  2. Alicia Haskew (verified owner)

    I have been searching and waiting and searching more for the perfect film preset. Nothing was working quite right. Then I saw the Loren x Chris presets, and took a chance. Well, that was the best decision I have ever made for my portfolio! These presets are AMAZEBALLS and rock my world. One click is no joke. No.Joke. This was exactly what I have been searching for! As Lauren said, the beautiful tones without affecting the skin or blowing out highlights. I could go on and on. You guys ROCK! Thank you!!!

  3. Cassandra Casley (verified owner)

    These presets are incredible! Skin tones look lovely, and the colours suit a Pacific North West vibe perfectly. I’m in love!

  4. Michalina Okreglicka

    I love this pack.Those presets are perfect for photo sessions in Iceland where I live.
    This purchase turned my pictures for new level.
    I am grateful for it! It was a gift from my husband. He knows what I like the most. 🙂

  5. Amanda Thomas (verified owner)

    I typically made my own presets for my edits but came across the Tribe presets and fell in love. Took me a while to order them as the concern with presets is that all of the photos will look the same. You do not have to worry about that with these presets. It really just makes it look like film while letting your own style come through. I have tried it on maternity, portraits, weddings and even newborns and they seriously work with every type of photography. I am in love with not only the presets but also the “tribe” (as I fondly call it). A friend of mine and I often say “hey you want to LXC this weekend” because we are so inspired to go play and shoot! GREAT job and attention to detail with these presets!

  6. Tomasz Tolloczko (verified owner)

    Clean looking, pure, film like, sweetness, drips form the heart of all of LXC presets. Moment I saw it I couldn’t resis’t buying them and I don’t regret!

  7. Meghann (verified owner)

    I really love these presets. I tend to edit with more moody-warm tones, and these are perfect for what I need and cut my editing time down so much. The skin tones are beautiful from everything to weddings to newborns and it fits my brand perfectly.

  8. Lieven Hüntemann (verified owner)

    With LxC you get a preset collection with fight against orange skin town of creepy purple light (which you can find in a lot of weddinglocations). They keep the other colors very natural. There is no color modification that your bride will complain about untrue colors 😉 For me they work as one click + exposure adjustments.

  9. Andria shepard

    Love, love, love, LOVE! These presets have not only improved my past work (I have literally re-edited my entire portfolio because I love these so much) but have been instrumental in inspiring my newer work! Everything about the tones in LXC is just PERFECT for our work and I looooove the way it’s improved my editing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating these!!!!!

  10. Margaux (verified owner)

    These presets are amazing. They change everything in gold. I love them so much, thanks a lot !

  11. Samantha Jeet (verified owner)

    The LxC preset is probably the best photography investment I’ve made other than my camera. This preset gives your photos a very distinct look and feel, but still allows for your personal style and customization. One worry I have when buying popular presets is that my photos and some one else’s will look the same. Not the case with these. They offer you a good and solid base, but still compels you to tweak here and there and truly make the image your own. I know some people who have bought this preset have had problems with skin tones and being over/under exposed. My advice is to truly explore all your tools and to not be afraid to change settings. For me, I’ve been using my histogram and curves, for others it’s simply an increase in exposure. Take the time to explore your work space and truly make the image yours.

  12. Jenna (verified owner)

    I love the LXC presets! They truly are 1-2 click edits, with stunning results! The perfect addition to any photographer’s lightroom with a distinct, moody look! Thanks, Tribe Archipelago for these perfect sets!!

  13. Jose Perez (verified owner)

    The best presets out!!! I use this set for all of my portrait shots, i love everything about the tones and the upscale quality and finishing touches it adds to the image!!! Tribe Archipelago all the way guys…

  14. Ashley (verified owner)

    I love the tones of these sets! Works for a variety of image types of mine, indoor and outdoor, while still keeping with my neutral/natural editing style.

  15. Tim frawley

    I can honestly say these are the first presets I haven’t had to tweak to the moon and back to get a good finish. A lot of the time it’s one click magic. A true cracking set of presets! Love them!

  16. Kamra Fuller (verified owner)

    I bought these nervous about how they would work with my editing style, but once I downloaded them and start trying them on my images, I fell in love! The tones are just gorgeous. Perfect for a “moody” edit. I’ll definitely be coming back for the other two packs when I have the money.

  17. Jackie bartholdson (verified owner)

    I purchased LXC and it completely changed my editing process, it made my work flow fast and consistent! Most of the time it is a one click process with little to no tweaking! LXC colors & shadows are very rich. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to get the rest!!

  18. Andrea Brandt

    These are beautiful presets that, for the most part, offer one-click edits. As a wedding photographer I find that when I’m facing editing a photo that was shot in difficult lighting, these presets can fix it.

  19. Wendy (verified owner)

    As any other photographer in his/her journey, I’ve struggled to find my style. I’m sure we’re all aware that amazing photographs are rather “made” in camera. With that being said, it’s amazing what a preset can add to an image.
    I like to capture impassioned moments and the touch that Loren X Chris’ presets add to my photos is beyond words.

    If you’re looking for a set of presets that incorporate mood, feel and tone to each captured moment, look no further.

  20. Kelsey (verified owner)

    These presets have been life changing for me. I’m a new photographer and I’ve been trying to find my style for awhile now while I kind of get the overall feel of editing in general. I’ve spent nearly $1,000 already in presets, so when I saw these presets I was extremely hesitant to purchase. Why do I need just one more preset pack to sit in Lightroom and get used maybe once or twice a month when they felt right? Well, I kept seeing people post images using it, and it kept taunting me with how much those images resonated with what I wanted to create… So after a few weeks of deliberations, I finally decided to just go for it and add another preset pack to my collection. I am SO glad that I did. LXC has become my one-click edit go-to in a lot of cases (though I do like to tweak it sometimes too). I use it almost exclusively, and rarely ever have to look any further to find what I want. These presets save so much time for me in my post processing and are just fantastic. I recommend researching images with these presets to make sure the style is for you, but I don’t think you’ll have any regrets. Seriously. None. Amazing.

  21. Liam Rimmington

    These presets are an absolute dream, the amount of time I’m saving by getting all the way or almost all the way towards a finished image in one simple click is mind blowing. The results are always stunning, no matter the shooting conditions. Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment to improving the photography community!

  22. Min Seon (verified owner)

    I wanted to try out a different style with clean yet moody look. I’ve compared all three of the presets and finally wen with LXCs. These presets are perfect for rich tones! I’m definitely interested in trying out other presets from Tribe Archipelago. You will love it!!

  23. Amy Abeler (verified owner)

    I’ve always been in love with the filmy/moody/calming style of photography, but could never get the look I wanted. The VSCO presets were the closest I could get, but still not quite right. Then I found the Tribe Archipelago presets, and they were exactly what I was looking for!! I purchased the LXC presets, tried it on a few of my photos, and felt so completely satisfied. My best friend/business partner shot my wedding and gave me permission to edit my own wedding photos (best deal ever) and I used LXC on all of them! I showed them on a slideshow at my reception back home (I eloped in Alaska) and everyone was coming up to me and were saying they were literally the most beautiful wedding photos they’ve ever seen! Get. these. presets. You won’t be sorry 🙂

  24. Darina (verified owner)

    This preset is a complete dream. Every time I edit a shoot, LXC just nails it. Love!

  25. Brianna (verified owner)

    Wow I was skeptical at buying yet another set of presets becuase I just couldn’t find the right one. Always orange skin tones, etc. THESE ARE AMAZING! Worth EVERY penney!! I’m in love!

  26. Trista (verified owner)

    I love the presets I have from Red Leaf, but I have to admit I’m disappointed in these LXC presets — they just don’t look right with my photos, regardless of the setting, lighting situation, whatever.

  27. Nate (verified owner)

    The reviews don’t lie. I was skeptical. Just another VSCO preset? Nope. The tones are really beautiful and don’t require a ton of tweaking.

    In the past, it usually went something like this. Hear about a preset/action pack. Hum and haw over whether to buy it. Buy it. Use it on a sample shoot and immediately become disappointed. Eventually requiring me to overly tweak each preset over the next 6 months to finally get where I wanted.

    Absolutely not the case with these. I installed them and instantly fell in love. They are SOO simple. No more pages upon pages of presets to dig through. I love them! Really great work. Excited to see what else comes from this team.

  28. lori Loree (verified owner)

    These presets have changed my editing entirely. I’m in Love with them.

  29. Liz (verified owner)

    OBSESSED!!! I have searched and experimented with almost every preset imaginable to find and achieve the look I was seeking and to establish my own style of photography. THANK YOU for finally ending my search. This preset package has made all of my dreams come true. I’m in love. I just finished my first session using these presets and my editing time was minimal. I couldn’t be happier with the results!!!

  30. Christan (verified owner)

    Literally I could cry, and not leave a better review. Im OBSESSED!

  31. Kimberly Burleson

    These are so awesome! I love them so much and have been able to use them in the last 3 galleries I had to deliver! the best! I have bought so many presets in the past and these are by far the best. Most presets I buy i am quickly disappointed in. I dont think these will get old at all!

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